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Being a part of the credit union movement is about so much more than just having a job. We all strive to live the philosophy that sets us apart of "people helping people." There are truly dedicated people that take their commitment above and beyond. They are the shining stars of the credit union movement. It's time to recognize and honor them.

The Illinois Credit Union League is proud to sponsor the 2016 Spirit of Service Awards, recognizing one outstanding volunteer and one outstanding employee within the Illinois Credit Union movement. This award honors the unsung heroes – credit union staff and volunteers - who make extraordinary efforts to make “people helping people” part of their everyday lives.

2016 winner of the Spirit of Awards goes to Steve Autor

Steve began his service with the board of Danville Bell Credit Union in 1993. He was Board Chairman from 2002-2012 and is still a member of the Board. Steve was the stubborn, driving force behind the transformation of Danville Bell Credit Union from a nearly extinct entity to the viable, growing credit union it is today. He convinced the board to relocate to a new building in a high traffic area of Danville. He presided over the hiring of a new CEO that could grow the credit even when examiners were telling the board nothing would work. His refusal to give up led the credit union from a position of almost dying to one where the credit union is now showing a solid net income growth of $81,000, is growing its loan portfolio, has an asset growth of $1.2 million, active share draft members increased by 14% and it is way above its peer group on ROA. If Steve had not exercised his incredible leadership skills and fought for Danville Bell, the credit union would probably not be here today to serve its members.

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