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Illinois Credit Unions are invited to participate in the REAL Solutions Program.  General Information about the program is available.  Click on any of the links below to access additional information.

Retirement Fairs Information

REAL Solutions-Enhanced FiCEP Program
Financial Counseling Certification


REAL Solutions Resources

There is a wealth of material available from past REAL Solutions meetings and events.  Click on the link below to access the resources for REAL Solutions Webinars & Meetings from 2008 to present.

REAL Solutions Recordings and Resources

Financial Education Forum 4/15/14 -Biz Kid$ "Train the Teacher" Power Point

What is REAL Solutions?

 The REAL Solutions® program – Relevant, Effective, Asset-building and Loyalty-producing is the signature program of the National Credit Union Foundation. The strength of the program is built upon the role each partner brings to the alliance. It’s truly a cooperative collaboration.

There are currently 35 leagues representing 37 states and over 1,100 credit unions participating in REAL Solutions®. Leagues mobilize the cooperative efforts of participating credit unions, enabling a sharing of ideas and best practices to help low-wealth households achieve financial freedom.

The REAL Solutions® approach aligns products and services with the basic needs of low-wealth consumers. Often times traditional credit union products are modified in some way to meet these basic needs. Participating credit unions are often willing to break new ground in their outreach efforts to serve un-banked and under-banked households. Their successes and their lack of successes are shared with their peers, creating a knowledge base from which all can draw.

The following programs, products and services are part of the REAL Solutions program: 


Small, Short Term Loan Program

ALL loans for less than $1,000 with repayment terms of less than 12 months (payday alternative loans are included

Financial Counseling for Members

Includes FiCEP-certified staff, Balance, Green Path, etc.

Financial Education for Adults

Includes seminars for members, workshops for non-members, SEGs, community, online education tools/programs

Financial Education for Youth

Includes NEFE, in-school branches, financial reality fairs, Biz Kid$, classroom presentations, tours of CU, Operation Hope, etc.

Financial Products for Youth

Includes no-fee  savings accounts w/ low minimum balance & opening deposit < $25, checking accounts, debit cards, CDs, etc.

Generation-Focused Products

Includes Matrimoney (R), Accounts for Seniors, Student Loans, etc.

Immigrant Outreach

Includes citizenship loans, international wire transfers, multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff, "Safe" accounts, etc.

Credit Rebuilding

Includes pre-paid debit cards, second-chance checking accounts, credit rebuilder loans; risk-based loans

Consumer-Friendly Loan Products

Includes first-time home buyer programs, non-predatory mortgage, home-equity and auto loans

To learn more about the REAL Solutions® program in Illinois, contact Melanie Murphy at

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