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Guidelines for using ICUL's Listservs

Thank you for signing up for one of ICUL's listservs!

We hope you will find this will be a great resource and open forum for you to electronically communicate with each other, share ideas and solutions and brainstorm.  This is your listserv, so please feel free to communicate as often as you like with your fellow colleagues.  Below are a few Q's and A's regarding usage of this listserv. 

How do I post a message?
To send a message to the listserv, send it to: if you are on the listserv for small credit unions or to if you are on the Chapter Leaders listserv (you may want to save this long address in your email address book for easy use in the future).  Type everything you would like to communicate in the text of your message.  Please note listservs do not support attachments. 

How do I know when I receive a message from a listserv?
Depending on the e-mail program that you use to access mail, you may see the message addressed from an individual subscriber or from the listname itself.  For example, for this list, you may see the message addressed From:

What if I subscribe to more than one listserv using the same e-mail address?
In short, you'll probably be receiving a fair amount of e-mail. But you'll always know what listserv the message is coming from by looking at the REPLY TO: field.  

How do I remove my name from a listserv?
To unsubscribe send a blank email to: (or, which is shown in the "footer" of any message you receive from the list. 

Are there any "rules" about e-mail and listservs?  YES:

  • When replying to a message, think first before automatically hitting the reply button. Would it be better to send your message to the individual who posted the query rather than the whole group?

  • DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It's perceived as shouting in e-mail.

  • Always remember to put your full name and e-mail address at the end of your message. This way people can send you private responses.

  • If you don't have something worth saying, then keep it to yourself, or send a private reply to an individual. Many of the list subscribers get inundated with e-mail every day and may not appreciate receiving responses like, "me too", or "I agree" or "yes". In addition, the listserv arena is not a place to humiliate or yell at one another. People make mistakes, so please be respectful of your peers and their opinions.

  • This is a private list.  ICUL listservs are not, and will not, be used for the purposes of solicitation.

  • Subscribers who fail to cooperate with these guidelines may be removed from this list.

What happens if I send an e-mail to a listserv that I'm not subscribed to?
If you are subscribed to a list, but don't use that e-mail address when posting a message, the e-mail is not delivered to the list. It goes to the list administrator and usually is ignored or deleted.

What about archived messages?
Our system does have the capability of saving messages posted to this listserv.  Watch for details regarding how to access previously sent messages in the near future. 

ICUL's listservs are not moderated
Once you've subscribed to any of ICUL's listservs (Small CUs, Chapter Leaders), all messages that are correctly addressed will be posted to the list. ICUL does not censor any mail. But the listserv administrator does hold the right to remove individuals who abuse the list in any way.

If you have any questions, please contact William Wille, ICUL PR Coordinator, at or (800) 942-7124, ext. 3216.  Happy posting! 

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