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Background: The Illinois Credit Union League (ICUL) is seeking e-mail addresses from staff members and volunteers of affiliated credit unions on a larger scale to increase communication of news and information across all of its functional areas.  The next step that ICUL will take into the electronic realm will be listserv communications with the first listserv to be designated for officials of the League's 26 chapters around the state.

What is a Listserv? A Listserv is an interactive online discussion feature in which groups of people with common interests can exchange ideas via email.  An e-mail list (or Listserv) is a fast, convenient way to share information.

Why sign up? A Listserv is a great tool to use for electronically communicating with and utilizing your peers in the credit union community as resources for assistance and information.  When was the last time you wished you could quickly brainstorm with a group of people or needed assistance with a specific project?  As a member of the Listserv, you can come together with your peers to ask questions, get answers, and openly discuss topics of interest.

How does it work?  The great part about the Listserv is that this feature is available right from your desktop.  An Internet e-mail account is all that's required to subscribe and there is no cost to participate.  Once you've signed up, using a Listserv is almost like using regular e-mail, except that instead of sending a message to an individual, your message is sent to all members who are signed up on the list.  When you reply to a message from the list, that reply goes back to all of the list subscribers as well.  You can choose which messages to respond to and share your expertise.

How do I know when I receive a message from the Listserv?  First, once you provide your e-mail address to the League, you will receive a confirmation that you are now a subscriber.  All Listserv messages will be identified by the list name and will show on every message that is sent to the list. 

Are there any other features or details I need to know about becoming a member of the Listserv?  The League's Listserv is provided as a venue for chapter leaders to feel free in offering opinions, ideas and resources and is a private list comprised only of credit union people from affiliated credit unions. It is not used by vendors or for the purposes of solicitation.  Your email address will not be shared with anyone outside the Illinois Credit Union System.  There are general rules of etiquette and decorum for using the Listserv, which you will receive as part of your confirmation as a new subscriber.  The Listserv administrator holds the right to remove individuals who do not follow the general guidelines or participate in a professional manner.

How do I get signed up?  To get started, please click on the link for the listserv you are interested in joining and submit the online registration form. ICUL's Listserv's are available only to staff and volunteers of affiliated credit unions, so if there are others that you know may be interested, please feel free to have them contact William Wille, ICUL PR Coordinator/ Webmaster at (800) 942-7124, ext. 3216.  Soon after you are signed up, you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail as a new subscriber and messages from your fellow credit union colleagues via ICUL's Listservs!

Current Listservs available

Chapter Leaders

Small Credit Unions (under $25 million in assets)

Collections (contact Shelia O'Leary, Manager, CRS via email or 630-983-3495)

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