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IL credit unions part of “Love My Credit Union” exclusive CU Rewards/
Membership Enhancement Program

With credit tight in the auto industry, America’s credit unions, General Motors, and Chrysler LLC on January 7, 2009 launched a nationwide pilot of the ‘Invest in America’ credit union membership discount partnership program. 

Since then, ‘Invest in America’ has provided access to affordable financing and exclusive discounts for 90 million credit union members across the country as well as anyone who becomes a member of a participating credit union.  Via the program, there are great opportunities for your members and also for your credit union including: increased auto loan volume, added value for existing members, a catalyst for membership growth and positive public relations opportunities.

But Invest in America is more than a unique auto loan partnership program.  It is a dynamic membership enhancement program.  It was created for credit unions to band together nationwide to promote and support not only their own products and services, but also those offered by collaborative American-based companies.  Since its inception, the program has cultivated partnerships with various U.S. companies and organizations, including GMSprint, DIRECTV, Shop America, and several others to bring significant discount opportunities to credit unions as a dynamic membership enhancement program for their members.

When you invest in America, you’re supporting the workers and products that make our country strong.  You’re also making resources and discounts available to your credit union members, adding value to their membership. 

Not sure if Invest in America is right for your credit union?  All you have to do is look at its success.  We encourage you to go to to get all the latest information on Invest in America, its partners, discounts and free marketing materials.  There is no cost to the credit union to sign up to participate in this program, but you must "Opt In" and you can do so online.

Please note: a credit union finder is also on the Love my Credit Union Web site for those consumers who want to join a credit union to take advantage of these programs. That finder is called and your credit union is strongly encouraged to check and update its information on this site as needed. If your credit union does not show up in the finder, or for information about how to access the site, please contact Member Services at 630-983-3211.

Thank you for participating in this program. It has huge potential for credit unions and their members. We look forward to working with you to maximize the program's benefits for your credit union and its members.

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