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October 2012


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SCAP deadline coming up

Follow up from 2012 Conference and other chapter items

SCAP deadline coming up
Attention all chapters: It’s time to think about your Chapter’s 2012 advertising and promotion expenses.  The deadline for submitting these expenses via the Shared Chapter Advertising Program (SCAP) is December 1, 2012.  If you want to participate, please forward copies of all advertising bills marked paid or, if necessary, advise the Chapter official responsible for the administration of this Chapter function.  To insure that the correct amount is reimbursed, please use the
attached SCAP Reimbusement Request form
.  The following are examples of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement:
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Fund raisers and benefits
  • Promotional items and giveaways
  • Booth, display and table rentals
  • Radio spots and cable TV commercials
  • Billboards
  • Banners and signs
  • Brochures
  • Newspaper ads and insert/special sections 

The December 1 deadline must be firm in order to smoothly operate this program. All Chapters that wish to participate must forward their paid bills by December 1.  SCAP funds will be disbursed by December 31.  Remember, your reimbursement will depend on the number of chapters participating and the amount of your expenses, and funds cannot be disbursed without proof of payment. 

Your paid receipts can be mailed to William Wille at: Illinois Credit Union System; PO Box 3107; Naperville, IL 60566-7107 or via fax: (630) 983-4261.  If you have questions, please contact Will via email or phone at (800) 942-7124, ext. 3216.

Other Chapter Items

Follow up items from 2012 Chapter Leaders Conference
Thanks again to the Chapter Officials who were able to join us for the 2012 Chapter Leaders Conference.  Special thanks to the Chicago Metro Chapter for all of its hard work in making this year's conference an "Oscar winning performance".  Nearly 90 leaders from 17 of the Illinois Credit Union League’s (ICUL) 24 chapters were in attendance.

As a follow-up, we wanted to make available additional information and resources for everyone’s benefit.  These include: 

  • Written recaps from the day two brainstorming roundtables;
  • Powerpoint presentations paying homage to historical chapter leaders and recipients of this year’s "Oscars" shown at the opening evening event;
  • Information about, and how to use ICUL's Chapter Leaders listserv (Please note a separate e-mail will be sent to you via the listserv to confirm you are on it);
  • Photos from the event; and
  • The Chapter Leaders Handbook that was recently updated on the League’s Web site.

To view all of these resources, please click here.

Thank you again for everything you do at the chapter level.  If you have any follow-up questions from the conference, please contact our Education Department at (630) 983-3417.

Chapter Leaders Listserv

Did you know that a listserv is available as a tool in which chapter leaders from around the state can effectively communicate?  In case you were not already familiar, a listserv is an interactive online discussion feature in which groups of people with common interests can exchange ideas via email.  An e-mail list (or Listserv) is a fast, convenient way to share information.  For more information and/or to sign up for the listserv for Chapter Leaders,
please click here.

CHAPTERS: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please know you are welcome to share pictures and details about your chapter's activities.  As part of our Indepth, we would like to include that information here on this page.  Please forward all submissions to William Wille, ICUL PR Coordinator.

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