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May 2012


Educational Opportunities 

Being the manager of the collections function is not just about dialing for dollars and repossessing collateral anymore. The collections area is at a crossroads and managers need to be aware of all the risks and opportunities that present themselves. Collections is more than the institution’s delinquency ratio and you need to be prepared! Join us on May 16 for a full-day, in-person session on Collections to learn more (Session Code: 473).

A three part Bankruptcy full day, in-person workshop on May 17 (Session Code: 474) will cover the basics; internal processes and controls; and maximizing recovering; and much more.

As part of NCUA financial literacy requirements, all FCU directors must have the ability to read and understand a balance sheet and income statement, have at least a working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices, and to ask substantive questions of management and the internal and external auditors. To learn more about their responsibilities in this regard, have your directors attend the Financial Literacy for Board Members Webinar on May 17 (Session Code: 475). 

The Coaching to Gen Y QuickBites on May 23 (Session Code: 476) will begin with coaching techniques in general and then will move onto specifics about coaching to Gen Y.

Regulation E is one of the most consumer-friendly regulations out there, and consequently it is one that frustrates compliance people quite frequently. It’s also one the examiners focus on quite often, as well. The Reg E/ EFTs QuickBites on May 31 (Session Code: 477) will focus on those parts of the rules, so you can learn from the mistakes of others and also discuss about the relatively new overdraft rules that require affirmative consent.

From a credit union perspective, nothing seems fair about the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA").  Looking ahead to next month, the Fair Labor Standards Update (FLSA) QuickBites on June 5 (Session Code: 483) has been designed to inform credit unions about how to navigate in the FLSA requirements for overtime, recording hours worked, compensatory time off, classification of exempt or non-exempt employees, and means to conduct a self-audit.

Bank Secrecy Act training is available on demand!  The Bank Secrecy Act requires that all frontline personnel be trained on money laundering and the responsibilities of the financial institutions on currency reporting and suspicious activity every year. See the ICUL education calendar for the schedule of BSA on demand training and all QuickBites and Telecourses.


Also now available on demand for 2012: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Elder abuse training – regarding financial exploitation of the elderly -- is now required for employees and officers with direct customer contact. Examiners will be collecting information about your credit union’s training on this subject, as IDFPR is required to report training data on a bi-annual basis.  This QuickBite will meet the training requirements and will cover:

  • Terminology; 
  • Illinois statutory protections;
  • Recognizing the indicators of financial exploitation;
  • Some of the common perpetrators of financial exploitation; 
  • Financial record confidentiality and exceptions; 
  • Where to report when a confidentiality exception applies; 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports/narratives/confidentiality;  and
  • Training and record-keeping requirements for current employees and new hires.

All credit unions face situations where only they have an opportunity to witness suspected exploitation. Participate in this QuickBite to learn the common indicators and the actions you can take.


Play it again! The audio archive of all QuickBites and telecourses for 2012 has been increased to 60 days with paid registrations for most sessions. Whether you were unavailable for the scheduled date and time of a particular call or just want to hear the session again, you will have 24/7 access for the entire 60 days after the scheduled session. This feature enhances the value of audio training and is included for no additional charge. The audio archive link will be activated within 48 hours of the live event.


For a complete calendar of all Educational offerings, please click here.

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