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March 2012


Educational Opportunities 

On March 13, the How to Improve Your Membership Retention QuickBites (Session Code: 441) will include topics such as: the eight critical mistakes credit unions make that make it impossible to fix their "hole in their bucket"; tackling the root cause of fixing the hole in your bucket - one simple step everyone can use; strategies for making employees accountable so you can add more members to your bucket; creating an environment in which employees ask for the business; and more.

During the Lending Strategies - More Loan Opportunities QuickBites on March 15 (Session Code: 442), you will learn: how to explore effective strategies that increase loan opportunities; ROA and member loyalty; how to analyze the credit report to make better loan decisions; discover strategies that bring in more loan opportunities; and much more.

It can be challenging to keep up with current legislation and regulatory change that affects compliance issues at your credit union, but the bi-annual Reg Update Webinar on March 20 (Session Code: 443), is an ideal way to "check-in" on timely topics and have your questions answered.  Actual topics will be shared as the event date approaches.

The Unclaimed Property: Issues You Need to Know QuickBites on March 21 (Session Code: 444) will focus on the Basics of Unclaimed Property Reporting, including the Who, What, When, Where and Why of filing unclaimed property reports. It will focus on finding all of the unclaimed property hidden in your company’s books and records and then creating a strategy to get into compliance with all of the different state laws.

It is hard to get a real feel for what banks really charge when only looking at averages. Instead, take a look at charges assessed by five unique banks in five unique markets. Chances are your credit union competes with a bank just like one on the list. The Fee Comparisons – Banks vs. CUs Webinar on March 22 (Session Code: 445) will look at charges assessed by five unique credit unions in those same bank markets and compare.

The Courting Boomer Members - A Key Business Growth Strategy QuickBites on March 29 (Session Code: 446) will stress the importance of credit unions reaching out to Boomer Generation members. Boomers are the largest most powerful demographic group in terms of buying power, influence and wealth. This session will also highlight the following strategies for appealing and marketing to this group of members with suggested products and services.

Bank Secrecy Act training is available on demand!  The Bank Secrecy Act requires that all frontline personnel be trained on money laundering and the responsibilities of the financial institutions on currency reporting and suspicious activity every year. See the ICUL education calendar for the schedule of BSA on demand training and all QuickBites and Telecourses.


Also now available on demand for 2012: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Elder abuse training – regarding financial exploitation of the elderly -- is now required for employees and officers with direct customer contact. Examiners will be collecting information about your credit union’s training on this subject, as IDFPR is required to report training data on a bi-annual basis.  This QuickBite will meet the training requirements and will cover:

  • Terminology; 
  • Illinois statutory protections;
  • Recognizing the indicators of financial exploitation;
  • Some of the common perpetrators of financial exploitation; 
  • Financial record confidentiality and exceptions; 
  • Where to report when a confidentiality exception applies; 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports/narratives/confidentiality;  and
  • Training and record-keeping requirements for current employees and new hires.

All credit unions face situations where only they have an opportunity to witness suspected exploitation. Participate in this QuickBite to learn the common indicators and the actions you can take.


Play it again! The audio archive of all QuickBites and telecourses for 2012 has been increased to 60 days with paid registrations for most sessions. Whether you were unavailable for the scheduled date and time of a particular call or just want to hear the session again, you will have 24/7 access for the entire 60 days after the scheduled session. This feature enhances the value of audio training and is included for no additional charge. The audio archive link will be activated within 48 hours of the live event.


For a complete calendar of all Educational offerings, please click here.

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