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June 2012


Educational Opportunities 

The Teller Skills Telecourse on June 7 (Session Code: 485) will focus on the key, essential skills and behaviors a teller must master in order to achieve excellence. The session will explore what a teller must do to develop and maintain an enviable reputation with both the member and staff at the credit union. Emphasis will be placed on what to do and what not to do. Participants will learn and be reminded about topics such as dress code, dependability & member service, plus critical steps to balancing, being accurate, following procedure and adhering to policies.

The Kid's Stuff - Minor Accounts QuickBites on June 12 (Session Code: 486) will be focusing on some of the issues related to minors’ accounts. Know what policies you have in place at your credit union regarding these accounts, and then listen in on this one-hour telephone session that includes the following topics:  

  • Kids and account agreements;
  • Credit union policies;
  • Account options offered; and
  • Signature issues

Exploiting the elderly out of their life long savings and property is far more than stealing material items, it goes deeper. It is the theft of their dignity.  The Protecting Members from Elder Fraud webinar on June 14 (Session Code: 487)  will allow participants to hear from victims and learn how these crimes have impacted their lives, as well as from predators who victimized and how they located and exploited America’s senior citizens.  The red flag warning signs that are almost always present but overlooked by the family, friends and business associates of the elderly victim will be discussed to bring quicker awareness.  How to handle the problem once it is exposed and where to go for assistance will also be covered.  Anyone who interacts with senior citizens in their personal life or in a business environment will benefit from this awareness of an enormous problem of exploiting senior citizens financially through deception and undue influence. Be proactive in protecting elderly loved ones or by providing customer service to elderly members.

Once an individual agrees to join a credit union's board of directors, they may begin to wonder what they've gotten themselves into. An insightful webinar, What Board Members Need to Know on June 19 (Session Code: 490) will address economic challenges, the regulatory environment and actions by government agencies that directors need to understand? It will clarify what the NCUA really means by board members financial literacy and how to develop it (or prove that volunteers were trained). And it will provide specific ideas to help create a positive relationship with management while fulfilling responsibilities as a board member.  Get a look at the new realities of board responsibilities, while also touching on basic duties and focusing on liabilities. More specifically, this webinar will explore:

  • Why previous jobs do not adequately prepare directors for this job;
  • Good reasons why not to allow credit union management to train board members who oversee that same management team;
  • The importance of directors to take personal responsibility for education; and
  • Meeting obligations with more confidence and providing resources to improve.

The Reg Z Update QuickBites on June 20 (Session Code: 491) will introduce what Regulation Z is, its background and what it covers in your credit union. Reg Z has recently expanded with many new proposed rules. We will review the new rules to address which ones are final vs. proposed.  

Final rules include

  • Mortgage Transfer Disclosure;
  • Appraisal Coercion;
  • Loan Originator Compensation/Steering;
  • Prompt crediting of mortgage loan payments and rules on pay off statements;
  • HPML and Jumbo Loans;
  • Exemption Threshold Increase; and 
  • Credit Card Act Clarifications

Proposed rules are

  • Ability to Repay; and 
  • Escrow Disclosures

Future rules under Dodd Frank may include

  • Changes to HOEPA Rules;
  • Periodic statements for mortgage loans; and 
  • Other Proposed or Final Rules for 2012

Loans. Loans. Loans.  We all need them in this economic environment and becoming top of mind for borrowers is critical to our success.  Join us on June 26 for the We Love Loans QuickBites on June 26 (Session Code: 492) as our presenter will discuss creative campaigns, product mix, and ways to effectively get your message heard in this crowded market. Creating buzz, educating, and utilizing marketing channels including business development, social media, front line staff, and overall campaigns will be discussed. Attend this session and leave with a renewed enthusiasm to enhance your lending efforts.

Most Americans- and that includes credit union employees- don’t like to negotiate. They would rather be the “hero” to their member by getting the lowest cost. Five years ago that was affordable but today the situation calls for a different approach for financial institutions. Industry changes make it more imperative to get higher fees from as many services as possible. The Negotiating Skills to Capture Higher Rates & Fees telecourse on June 28 (Session Code: 493) will show how to create win-win results for the credit union and member;  and how to manage face-to-face meetings in which the credit union representative keeps the upper hand.  It will address how to use proven negotiating tactics to uncover true customer needs.   Touch points will include: 

  • The critical strategic discovery questions;
  • Managing face-to-face negotiations for more profit;
  • Negotiating ploys and counter tactics; and 
  • Success tips for win-win negotiations

Looking ahead to next month, the Generational Differences Effectively Working Together QuickBites on July 2 (Session Code: 603) will focus on key generational differences and how you can work effectively with someone much older or younger than you – and enjoy it!   Key points will include:

  • Key facts about the four generations in today’s workplace and the experiences that have shaped and defined them in meaningful ways; and
  • Specific examples will be provided on how different generations can come together to better serve your credit union, both internally (employees) and externally (with members).

Bank Secrecy Act training is available on demand!  The Bank Secrecy Act requires that all frontline personnel be trained on money laundering and the responsibilities of the financial institutions on currency reporting and suspicious activity every year. See the ICUL education calendar for the schedule of BSA on demand training and all QuickBites and Telecourses. 

Also now available on demand for 2012: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Elder abuse training – regarding financial exploitation of the elderly -- is now required for employees and officers with direct customer contact. Examiners will be collecting information about your credit union’s training on this subject, as IDFPR is required to report training data on a bi-annual basis.  This QuickBite will meet the training requirements and will cover:

  • Terminology; 
  • Illinois statutory protections;
  • Recognizing the indicators of financial exploitation;
  • Some of the common perpetrators of financial exploitation; 
  • Financial record confidentiality and exceptions; 
  • Where to report when a confidentiality exception applies; 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports/narratives/confidentiality;  and
  • Training and record-keeping requirements for current employees and new hires.

All credit unions face situations where only they have an opportunity to witness suspected exploitation. Participate in this QuickBite to learn the common indicators and the actions you can take.


Play it again! The audio archive of all QuickBites and telecourses for 2012 has been increased to 60 days with paid registrations for most sessions. Whether you were unavailable for the scheduled date and time of a particular call or just want to hear the session again, you will have 24/7 access for the entire 60 days after the scheduled session. This feature enhances the value of audio training and is included for no additional charge. The audio archive link will be activated within 48 hours of the live event.


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