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Capacity crowd expected at Illinois League’s annual conference specially for small CUs

Invest in America, Greenpath, Filene, Hardest Hit FREE webinar archives available

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Capacity crowd expected at Illinois League’s annual conference for small CUs
Another capacity crowd is expected for the Illinois Credit Union League’s (ICUL) annual Small Asset Size (SAS) Credit Union Conference.

The two-day, highly popular conference will be held at ICUL’s offices in Naperville August 6-7 and has been expanded to include credit unions up to $30 million in assets. 

The conference will provide a unique educational event to address challenges and concerns of credit unions in this particular asset group.  Many topics will center on helping small credit unions compete in today’s marketplace.  There will also be ample time built into the schedule for attendees to network and share best practices with one another.

Main highlights from the first day of sessions will include Keynote speaker Martha Ninichuk, Deputy Director, Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives for the NCUA.  A panel of speakers from the NCUA and the Illinois Division of Financial Institutions (DFI) will also dialogue with the group.  They will include Richard Klecun, NCUA Economic Development Specialist; Gerald Schultz, NCUA Supervisory Examiner, David Anderson, DFI Senior Financial Institutions Examiner; and Brad Losch, DFI Examiner.  The first day will continue with presentations by Lynn Esp, ICUL Assistant General Counsel on “HR Compliance for Small CUs” and “Mobile Apps” by Patty Smith, LSC Executive Director of Strategic Accounts, and conclude with a welcome reception.

The second day of the conference will include another round of presentations on pertinent topics, including, “Affordable Care Act/Healthcare Reform”, “Marketing for Small CUs”, and “Small Dollar Loans”.  The conference will finish out with an open forum and networking lunch, facilitated by Joni Senkpeil, ICUL Director of Small Credit Union Development.

"We strive to be a focal point to help our small credit unions succeed and it seems this conference helps to address their concerns and needs year after year," said Dan Plauda, ICUL President/Chief Executive Officer.  "That’s what we’re all about."

Nearly 70 percent, or approximately 216 of ICUL's affiliates hold less than $30 million or less in assets.  After being well received by participants initially in 2002, ICUL has offered this conference every year since then.  This year’s event will be sponsored by ICUL, the Illinois Credit Union Foundation and CUNA Mutual Group.

Registrations are due by July 10.  Please see the conference brochure for all the details.  You may also register online by clicking here.

Invest in America, Greenpath and Filene webinar archives available
Use the summertime to catch up on webinars that were hosted by the League during May and June.  These included:

Invest in America’s GM Member Discount and Credit Union Auto Club programs held on June 27.  CU Solutions Group originally created Invest in America to help members save on vehicle purchases, enable credit unions to secure more vehicle financing and provide support to the domestic auto companies in a very tough economy.  To date, it has helped sell over 500,000 vehicles across the country. Members can save big when buying a GM vehicle with the Invest in America discount because they can stack these savings on top of most current incentives – and save even more with your credit union’s low loan rates!  Credit Union Auto Club is the newest Invest in America program created exclusively for credit union members to help them save on a wide range of roadside assistance services.  Learn how you can maximize these programs to increase member value, non -interest income and loan volume!  Click here for the IIA archive.

On June 20, the League hosted a webinar in conjunction with GreenPath, a non-profit company that can partner with your credit union.   GreenPath can work with your credit union to offer assistance to their members in the following areas:  personal and family budgeting, understanding credit reports, money management, debt repayment and avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession.  GreenPath, is one of the largest and most qualified providers of financial counseling in the nation, with counseling centers in both the Chicago and Moline areas.   GreenPath has financial counselors that can provide assistance to your members free of charge.  They can help members develop a debt management plan, receive housing counseling, evaluate and advise with regard to credit report information and provide financial education and tips.   Check out GreenPath’s web site at:  Michael Williams from GreenPath previewed its many programs and benefits available to credit union members.  For the archive, please click here.

In addition, the League also hosted a webinar on June 14 for credit unions to learn about how your credit union can grow even stronger with ideas from the Filene Research Institute.  Tansley Sterns, Impact Director at Filene, reviewed some of the latest ideas from i3 that your credit union can put into place and start using to grow today.  The Filene Research Institute is dedicated to scientific and thoughtful analysis about issues affecting the future of consumer finance and credit unions. Filene i3 is a work group of innovative, insightful and energetic credit union professionals who have not yet reached the CEO level, but are in a position with substantial responsibility.  This creative group reflects diversity in experiences, credit union positions, geography, and credit union membership. Every six months, i3ers break into teams to research, prototype and pilot their ideas and innovations at their respective credit unions. For more details about Filene and the i3 group, please visit their website:  The webinar was a follow-up to and expansion on an education session presented by Filene’s Matt Davis during the League’s Annual Convention in April (Click here to get the handouts from “Great i3 Ideas Your CU Can Implement Immediately.”).  The Filene webinar archive can be reached by clicking here.

Lastly, a webinar to discuss the benefits and participation requirements of the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) program was held on May 15. With many homeowners still suffering the effects of unemployment or underemployment by the ongoing recession, and the resultant effects on mortgage delinquency, the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) supports lenders as well as these homeowners by providing funds for their assistance.  HHF is an aspect of the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) that was authorized by US Treasury in 2010. The program is provided by Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) in Illinois which is one of the 18 states participating in this program. The Illinois HHF program assists by providing funds directly to lenders to bring borrowers current and then provide on-going mortgage assistance. The program has benefited over 7,000 borrowers with over $170 million committed since July of 2011. Lenders benefit by having these borrowers brought current and obtain monthly assistance for up to 18 months. By participating, lenders can obtain CRA credit as well. Lenders that participate in the program are under no financial obligation other than crediting payments appropriately.  Tim Ryan, HHF Program Manager, provided an overview of the program and how lenders can participate. 
The archive is available here.

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