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July 2013


Educational Opportunities 

The importance of protecting your member’s privacy and money can never be overstated. Almost every applicable law, rule and regulation requires credit unions to maintain the confidentiality of all member data and safeguard their property, but there are specific exceptions for subpoenas, garnishments and levies. Learn more at the Responding to Supoenas, Garnishes & Levis QuickBites on July 2 (Session Code: 637).

You will want all your tellers to take part in the high impact Teller Boot Camp Combo. Recently revised, these two telecourses (Session Codes 486 & 603) on July 9 will zero in on six key modules that remind the teller of the importance of what they do, how they do it, what they say, and how they deliver member service. Participants will leave both workshops with plenty of “how-to” and a renewed commitment to excel on the job! 

Which happens most when you have to speak in public? During the Open Mouth: Insert Foot? QuickBites on July 11 (
Session Code: 604), you’ll learn how to prepare and deliver winning presentations. You will also receive some useful tips from a nationally ranked public speaking coach on how to win over your audience every time. 

Relationships drive our lives in every aspect.  They also drive our business, our opportunities and our lending. Relationships also mitigate risk and allow for better performing loans. The CU Relationship Lending QuickBites on July 16 (Session Code: 605) will focus on relationships and how they can gain you more loans that will perform at higher yields. 

Committed to protecting your credit union from unnecessary lawsuits? The Why Members Sue Credit Unions & Win Webinar on July 16 (Session Code: 609) will provide a guide to keeping a credit union out of hot water. Credit union managers will be provided with ideas on how to improve internal policies and procedures to help protect their credit union from triggering a lawsuit.

Loans secured by collateral such as motor vehicles, manufactured homes, watercrafts and business/industrial equipment require special attention upon default. Time is of the essence when trying to recover collateral. The Collateral Recovery - Advanced QuickBites on July 18 (Session Code: 606) will delve into complex issues involving local, state and federal matters effecting collateral. 

Regulation Z, the Truth in Lending Act, is one of the original compliance regulations and is still a point of scrutiny for Compliance Officers, Auditors and Examiners. In recent years there have been numerous changes to the regulations, including those recommended in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Reg Z QuickBites on July 24 (Session Code: 607) will provide an overview and perspectives on the regulation. 

The Bank Secrecy Act is far more than a reporting regulation and reaches into every department of the credit union. Determine if you are a hero - helping the United States to combat terrorism - or a pawn – falling victim to the devious plots of terrorists and lawbreakers. The repeat of the BSA - Are you a "Hero" or a "Pawn" Webinar on July 25 (Session Code: 611) will provide a perspective on BSA that is often overlooked and celebrate the Hero in every credit union employee. 

At a time when the largest financial institutions hold nearly 50 percent of total U.S. deposits and industry consolidation is unrelenting, gaining a competitive advantage may seem like a thing of the past. Join us for the Finding Your Edge in a Crowded Market QuickBites on July 30 (Session Code: 608), which will guide participants through three steps that they can follow to identify and take advantage of new market opportunities.

Bank Secrecy Act training is available on demand!  The Bank Secrecy Act requires that all frontline personnel be trained on money laundering and the responsibilities of the financial institutions on currency reporting and suspicious activity every year. See the ICUL education calendar for the schedule of BSA on demand training and all QuickBites and Telecourses.

Also available on demand: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Elder abuse training – regarding financial exploitation of the elderly -- is now required for employees and officers with direct customer contact. Examiners are collecting information about your credit union’s training on this subject, as IDFPR is required to report training data on a bi-annual basis.  This QuickBite will meet the training requirements and will cover: 

  • Terminology; 
  • Illinois statutory protections;
  • Recognizing the indicators of financial exploitation;
  • Some of the common perpetrators of financial exploitation; 
  • Financial record confidentiality and exceptions; 
  • Where to report when a confidentiality exception applies; 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports/narratives/confidentiality;  and
  • Training and record-keeping requirements for current employees and new hires.

All credit unions face situations where only they have an opportunity to witness suspected exploitation. Participate in this QuickBite to learn the common indicators and the actions you can take.

Play it again! The audio archive of all QuickBites and telecourses is 60 days with paid registrations for most sessions. Whether you were unavailable for the scheduled date and time of a particular call or just want to hear the session again, you will have 24/7 access for the entire 60 days after the scheduled session. This feature enhances the value of audio training and is included for no additional charge. The audio archive link will be activated within 48 hours of the live event.

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