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July 2012


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League to host annual conference specially for small CUs.   Another full house is expected for the Illinois Credit Union League’s (ICUL) annual Small Asset Size (SAS) Conference geared specifically toward credit unions under $25 million.  The two-day, highly popular conference will be held at ICUL’s offices in Naperville August 7-8.  The conference will provide a unique educational event to address challenges and concerns of credit unions in this particular asset group.  Full story.


Educational Opps

07/10 QB
Direct Lending -
Seven Must Haves

07/12 Telecourse
NEW SEGs, New Members,
New Growth

07/18 QuickBites
Due Dilligence -
Interacting with Your Members

07/25 FTF, Naperville
ALM & Interest Rate Risk

07/26 QB 
Why Y - Tactics to Reach Gen Y

07/31 QB
Google Wallet & You: A Mobile Payment System Strategy

08/02 telecourse
ALM - 11 Key Ratios
You Should Know

08/07 Webinar
How to Write Great Copy: 
Tips for Snappy Advertising

08/08 QB
Check Fraud

08/09 Webinar
Strategies to Boost Your ROA

Conferences of Note

Aug. 7-8, Naperville
SAS CU Conference

Aug. 22-23, Tinley Park
Chapter Leaders

Sept. 14-15, Oak Brook
35th Annual Attorneys'

Also in 2012!
BSA on Demand!
Elder Abuse on Demand!

Complete Schedule


CU success found in providing loans to Chicago small businesses.  Across the City of Chicago, one area credit union has been providing critical loans to help the small business community grow and succeed.  For the past year, the North Side Community Federal Credit Union (NSCFCU) has been participating with the City Treasurer to provide these loans via the city’s Small Business Development Fund.  Full story.

CUs are blazing a trail. Between reaching a major asset milestone, seeing record numbers of members, and achieving high satisfaction, credit unions across the country are in unprecedented, positive territory in the minds of consumers and members.  First, as you may have been hearing for the past few months, credit unions in the U.S collectively reached a major milestone--$1 trillion in assets (that’s trillion with a "t") during the first quarter of 2012.  Full story.

International Credit Union Day® theme highlights key difference. The message is simple, direct and embraces the key concept behind credit unions: Members Matter Most. Those three words, which comprise this year's International Credit Union (ICU) Day® theme, speak to the heart of the credit union philosophy. Full story.  


New ICUL informational resources.  In case you were not already aware, a Credit Union Bill of Examination Rights is available as a key reference for all credit unions.  A prime objective of this guidance is to assure credit unions they have options in responding to most supervisory issues.  A "Quick Summary" of the 24 Rights, as well as a number of related resources are available via the League's Web site.  Also, a new e-mail express news alert, called "On CUe", is available for small credit unions.  To receive these alerts, please contact Joni Senkpeil, ICUL's Director of Small Credit Union Development.

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