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ICUL partners with CUSP for "FoolProof"

The Illinois Credit Union League has partnered with Credit Union Strategic Partners (CUSP) to offer FoolProof.  This award-winning financial education program offers five financial literacy modules that will help your credit union play a greater role in educating its members to be smarter consumers and better managers of their own finances with critical, yet objective information they will trust. 

FoolProof is a suite of turnkey programs designed to provide all consumers, credit union members or not, extraordinary financial education tools for all ages and constituencies.  This a comprehensive, web-driven program designed to teach people about money, financial responsibility, and the realities of the free enterprise system. Interactive modules and video and audio clips engage participants and make learning fun and interesting. The five core FoolProof sessions are also available as classroom modules and cover most of the basic topics included in high school curriculum guidelines.  FoolProof has been approved by the Jump$tart program and is designed to fulfill most major curriculum guidelines presented in both NEFE® and Jump$tart programs.

To help its member credit unions learn more about FoolProof, ICUL hosted free webinars in early 2010.  To review the audio and PowerPoint presentation from the January 14, 2010 webinar, please click here.  For the follow-up webinar on March 19, please click here.

Additionally, to see the FoolProof Web site and all the program has to offer, go to:

If you have any questions about this new program, please contact Vicki Ponzo, ICUL Senior Vice President of Member Services via email or at 630-983-3413.

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