ICUL Service Corporation

ICUL Education Department Cancellation Policy:

There is no charge for substitutions at any time.  Please refer to the chart below which specifies when refunds will be made if received in writing and postmarked or faxed prior to the event.  All no-shows will be billed.


Event Type

Full Refund

50% Refund

No Refund

Conference or
In-Person Training

20 or more days prior

10-19 days prior

Less than 10 days prior

Peer Network Meeting

Prior to meeting registration deadline


After meeting registration deadline

Quick Bite



n/a - All Quick Bites are recorded and available via archive

Annual Convention – Registration Fee

Prior to convention registration deadline minus $50 cancellation fee


After convention registration deadline

Annual Convention – Special Events



n/a - No refunds are available for special event tickets



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