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Illinois Credit Union League - Evaluation Survey: CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference - March 8-12, 2015

Thank you for responding to the statements below.  Please check the box that best represents your answer.  Your opinions and comments will ensure improved programs.
1. I enjoyed this conference

2. I would attend a similar program next year

3. I would recommend this program to others

Illinois-only Coordinated Events:
4. ICUL Private Dinner/Reception

4a. ICUL Private Dinner/Reception: Should this dinner be held at a different restaurant?

5. Hospitality Suite

6. Briefing

7. Hill Visits

10. Did you make arrangements to meet back in the district?

11. I would be interested in attending ICUL's Hike-the-Hill "fly-in" on September 20 - October 1, 2015

Thank you for your time in filling out this evaluation form.  Many of the practices and ideas used in planning conferences are directly related to input received on evaluation forms.   Please direct any further comments or questions to:

Pat Huffman c/o Illinois Credit Union System
PO Box 3107
Naperville, IL  60566-7107
Fax: 630-983-2713

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