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Consulting Services

Offered as an extension of the services available through League membership are several free and fee-based consulting services designed to build the strength and well-being of your credit union. The affordable consulting services include:

Basic Planning - By holding a Planning Implementation Evaluation (PIE) planning session, small to mid-size credit unions can develop a written action plan to define short-term (one year) goals and objectives with their Regional Director free of charge.  Action steps to achieve goals are outlined and responsibilities are assigned.  Tasks focus on identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats.  The PIE planning process is flexible and customized to your credit union and satisfies DFI and NCUA regulatory guidelines.  For more information, contact Regional Management at (630) 983-3455.

Strategic Planning – For a modest fee, your Regional Director can help your credit union develop an effective long-term (three-to-five year) strategic plan to help it run smoothly.  The strategic planning process begins with thorough research of your credit union's operations and a meeting with key individuals from the credit union to identify critical issues and concerns.  Then, an indepth planning session with a trained facilitator from the Regional Management Department is scheduled to work closely with the board and management team to design a comprehensive plan.  The culmination of these efforts results in a written plan that identifies general objectives and strategies, and articulates the vision for your credit union.  Above all, your credit union will be fully equipped with a basis for action that can be immediately implemented.  For more information, contact Regional Management at (630) 983-3455.

Compliance Reviews – Assistance in reviewing a broad range of important member service areas for compliance with laws and regulations governing lending, share account products, IRS reporting requirements, membership issues and director duties.  For more information, please see the Compliance area (password protected) of the League's Web site.  You may also contact Steve Haubner, Assistant General Counsel, via e-mail or via phone at (800) 942-7124, ext. 3407.  

Employment Practices – Provides in-depth review, analysis and assistance in developing vital human resource functions at your credit union, including drafting employee policies and procedures; reviewing or drafting employee handbooks and succession plans; and training with respect to handling grievances, exepmt and non-exempt classifications, disciplining and terminating employees, resolving sexual harassment issues and avoiding unlawful discrimination in the workplace. All consulting services are customized to address the specific needs of an individual credit union.  For more information, please see the 
Compliance area (password protected) of the League's Web site.  You may also contact Lynn Esp, Assistant General Counsel, via e-mail or via phone at (800) 942-7124, ext. 3409.  

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