ICUL Service Corporation

Congressional Contact Report

Met with:

1. Rate your overall impression of the visit (with "1" being lowest and "5" being the highest)

2. Rate their general support for credit unions (with "1" being lowest and "5" being the highest)

3.  In your opinion, is the Congressperson's position the same as credit unions on the issues below:
Issue: Preserving CU Tax Exempt Status (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Improving Data Security Standards (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Reducing Regulatory Burden, including seeking improvements to NCUA's RBC2 proposal (CU Position: Support)

Issue: eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act - HR 601 (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Capital Access for Small Community Financial Institution Act - HR 299 (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Expanding CU Member Business Lending (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Expanding Access to Secondary Capital for Credit Unions (CU Position: Support)

Issue: Preserving CU participation in secondary mortgage market under any GSE reform legislation (CU Position: Support)

4. Did the Congressperson and/or staff ask any questions or make any comments you could not answer and/or do they need any follow-up information?

Remember to write the Congressperson and/or staff person a thank you letter (see sample letter here).

Please direct any further comments and questions to:
Pat Huffman c/o Illinois Credit Union System
PO Box 3107
Naperville, IL  60566-7107

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