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Secrets of a Winning Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service


Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award Program Entry

And now, a word from the Judges . . .

Did you ever wonder what the members of the CUNA’s Awards Committee are looking for when they select the winners in the national recognition programs?  Here's the scoop:

  • Review the program entry form carefully and answer all of the questions relative to the one unique project you selected in the original format provided.  The scoring is based on these elements, so the more information you provide in direct response to the questions, the higher your score.  Please answer all the questions on the form and in order.

  • Read the rules, and make sure you're entering the appropriate competition.  Remember:  Dora Maxwell entries should focus on community involvement, charity work, or social responsibility programs external to the credit union.  Louise Herring entries should be based on your credit union's internal programs that benefit its members, and provide examples of how you put philosophy into action for your members. (Note: Teaching personal finance is the sole focus of the Desjardins adult and youth financial education awards.)

  • Make your entry easy to read and easy to follow.  Include the name of your credit union on the front cover of the binder.  Use a table of contents.  Avoid handwritten entries, and use standard fonts: no italic style or small print.  Print items you want read on white paper and refrain from printing on hard-to-read colors, such as magenta, purple, or neon orange.  Misspellings leave a bad impression, too.

  • Clearly identify who is involved in your project.  Who did the work?  Who were the beneficiaries?  How many people were reached?  While giving donations is admirable, the judges also look for strong volunteer involvement from staff within the credit union at all employment levels.

  • Bigger isn't always better.  Keep your entry to a manageable size.  Keep it fresh:  include current activities only, not programs or events from several years ago.  Put all materials in an album, 3-ring binder or spiral-bound book.

  • Include samples or descriptions of the promotional materials related to the entry.  Share pictures from the event or the preparation.  Include flyers or newsletters that show how you communicated or got the word out about your project or initiative.   Please avoid electronic media.

Of course, only a limited number of entries can win at the state and national levels.  By heeding this advice, you can improve your chances of receiving recognition for your good works.

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