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Dora Maxwell, Louise Herring Award Competitions

Please note: Do not use forms from prior years.

Please consider this the official call for entries for the annual Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Recognition Program and Louise Herring Award for Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award Programs.

The Dora Maxwell Award is given to a credit union or chapter/multiple credit union group for its social responsibility projects within the community.  The award is given for external activities.  The Louise Herring Award is given to a credit union for its practical application of credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union.  It is awarded for internal programs and services that benefit membership.

Here are a few reminders about the programs:

  • In each competition, your credit union will compete with others in the same asset category. In addition, individual chapters involved in community activities are eligible to enter the chapter category for the Dora Maxwell competition. There is no chapter category for the Louise Herring Award program.

  • Projects submitted for the Dora Maxwell and Louise Herring competitions should include activities that took place from May 2013 through May 2014.

  • The best projects are often unique projects.  Thus, submitting one extraordinary project with well-defined, measurable goals is the rule for both competitions.  Questions on the respective entry forms must be answered based on one project.  

  • For the Dora Maxwell program, please complete one entry describing a single, carefully planned project.  This award is given for external activities.  Similarly for the Louise Herring program, please submit an entry that best exemplifies your credit union's efforts to demonstrate its practical application of credit union philosophy.  Each program emphasizes different criteria; therefore, you should not place the same entry in both programs.

  • Winning credit unions at the state level will be recognized at Keynote & Awards program held during the League’s 85th Annual Convention (April 16 - 18, 2015 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel) and at their respective chapters. State winners will advance to their respective national competitions for judging. National winners will be recognized at the 2015 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • An entry form must be completed and included with your entry(ies). Answering the questions is a key component of the entry and assists the judges in their decision making.  A checklist must also be completed and included with each of your Dora Maxwell and Louise Herring entry(ies).

  • The chapter category refers to single chapters, not groups of chapters. Chapter entries should cover activities conducted as a chapter project, not the individual efforts of credit unions in the chapter. 

All entries must be submitted to the League office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 1, 2014. You are strongly encouraged to enter these programs. They are an excellent way for your credit union to be honored for its efforts and serve as an example for others to follow.

Please be sure to consult the Award Differentiation Chart to get up to speed on all the changes for all the awards and to ensure your entry is properly submitted, as well as the Secrets of a Winning Entry document.

Entry forms, answers to commonly asked questions, and other information is available below.  Click on the links to obtain the information needed for each of the award competitions.

Commonly Asked Questions - Dora Maxwell/Louise Herring
Secrets of a Winning Entry
A Letter from the Judges 2014
Sample Award Program Activities
Past Award Winner Summaries
Dora Maxwell Entry Form and Checklist 2014
Louise Herring Entry Form and Checklist 2014

For more information, please contact William Wille, Public Relations Coordinator, at (800) 942-7124, ext. 3216.

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