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Frequently Asked Questions about .COOP Domain Name Registration


What is .coop?
.Coop is a new top-level Internet domain, or extension, that will join .com, .org and .net at the end of Internet and Web addresses later this year. The future of the Internet will be characterized by an increasing number of specialized web extensions as the .com field becomes ever more crowded. The first seven new top-level domains were recently approved; .coop was one of them! Cooperatives and credit unions, by winning one of the first new web extensions, will have an important competitive advantage in e-commerce.

Why .coop?
Location matters as much on the Internet as it does on Main Street. Online, your address, or URL, is your location. How valuable it is depends on how well it helps you stand out from the crowd. Problem is, there are now some 26 million names registered under .com, and the best names are long gone. So it’s hard to stand out, and it’s easy to get lost.

With .coop, credit unions have access to some of the most highly prized online real estate. Not only will credit unions finally be able to get meaningful, memorable web addresses they need to do business or promote themselves online, they’ll have a web address that consumers can trust, setting them apart and above investor-owned banks. Now with .coop, credit unions can remind their members and future members that they’re not just another .com.

Who is eligible for .coop?
Cooperatives, credit unions, and cooperative service organizations around the world are the only entities eligible to register for .coop names. Unlike .com, .coop will have value and meaning to consumers because eligibility is restricted.

My credit union has a .com site. Can we use both .com and .coop?
Absolutely! Many businesses already use multiple web site addresses to point to the same site. In fact, using multiple addresses is a time-tested tool that helps Internet users find businesses on the web.

If I don’t plan on using my .coop name right now, why should I buy it?
Buying your name now ensures that you’ll have it in case you want to activate it later. If you don’t buy it now, another credit union may beat you to the punch. Many CUs have similar names and acronyms, which means there’s a lot of competition for the same name. Even if you never plan to use your name, by purchasing it now, you can prevent another CU from buying it and steering your members to their site.

How many .coop names should my credit union purchase?
To reserve the memorable, meaningful names your cooperative needs for a strong web presence, you’ll want to buy for several domain names under .coop.

Be creative! Think about the domain names you’ll need . .

  • For your credit union’s full name, legal name, common name, and acronym;
  • For your product and service lines, including trademarked names;
  • For your credit union’s image, including simple, plain language names;
  • To ensure that your web site will pop up in searches for common words;
  • To ensure that interested members and consumers can find your site even if they misspell your credit union’s name;
  • To plan for your credit union’s future marketing and membership drives;
  • For a secure members-only page (distinct from the site open to the public) to allow your members to vote, comment on governance issues and take up other matters; and
  • For dedicated sites for special promotional or community events that your credit union participates in or sponsors.

How much does it cost?
$80 per year for each name registered, with an initial minimum registration of 2 years.

How do I buy my names?
Click here to register your .coop domain name today. That will take you directly to the registration site, which provides easy-to-follow registration instructions

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