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June 2012


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Save the Date - 2012 Chapter Leaders Conference

Other chapter items

Save the Date - 2012 Chapter Leaders Conference
The 2012 conference has been set for August 22 - 23 and will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  This year's theme is: "The Oscars: Celebrating Award Winning Performances."  The Chicago Metro Chapter will be the host chapter.  For more details, click here for the conference brochure.

Other Chapter Items

Follow up items from 2011 Chapter Leaders Conference
As announced at the conference, the ideas shared for the "Team Play Books" as part of the roundtable discussions have been summarized and are available via the League's Web site.  In addition, we also wanted to provide information on a few follow-up items (in case you have not already seen them), including: photos and a full recap story from the event, a list of basket raffle winners, an expense report, and tentative dates for the 2012 conference.

To view more information about all of the above mentioned items, please click here.

Thanks again for your support of the chapter system.  If you have any follow-up questions from the conference, please contact our Education Department at (630) 983-3417.

Chapter Leaders Listserv
Did you know that a listserv is available as a tool in which chapter leaders from around the state can effectively communicate?  In case you were not already familiar, a listserv is an interactive online discussion feature in which groups of people with common interests can exchange ideas via email.  An e-mail list (or Listserv) is a fast, convenient way to share information.  For more information and/or to sign up for the listserv for Chapter Leaders,
please click here.

Chapter Leaders Resources on the Web
Click here for all of the chapter resources available on the League's Web site.

CHAPTERS: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please know you are welcome to share pictures and details about your chapter's activities.  As part of our Indepth, we would like to include that information here on this page.  Please forward all submissions to William Wille, ICUL PR Coordinator.

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