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April 2012


Educational Opportunities 

Schoolyard bullies have much in common with workplace bullies. If you are a bully, learn five techniques to help you STOP IT! If you are being bullied, learn seven steps to prevent or defuse the bullying situation. There is no place in your CU for a bully!  Learn about these techniques and more at the You Know You’re a Bully If… Webinar on April 12 (Session Code: 461). 

On April 18, tune into the Mobile Marketing with QR Codes Quick Bites (Session Code: 462), which will focus primarily on QR (Quick Read) Codes - how they are applicable, how they work and who is using them. This session will cover various applications, custom codes and ideas for QR Code campaigns that your credit union can use. Integrated marketing campaigns will also be discussed, bridging the gap between online and offline as well as one-to-one marketing practices.

Join in to the New Products to Serve Members & Generate Income Webinar on April 19 (Session Code: 463) to take a look at some ideal new products coming into the marketplace, which credit unions should considering offering to members. Find out what is out there, what is working well and how to take advantage of these up and coming products that serve members and generate income. Please speak with someone in Education for more information.

Business Development is not a department. In a financial cooperative it has to be everyone’s job, a team effort. The Business Development - In It To Win It! QuickBites on April 24 (Session Code: 464) will focus on how to make business development a priority for staff whose primary responsibilities are operational. You will be presented with actionable ideas on how to get more employees involved and what skills are required to achieve team success.

In theory, if credit unions provide members with what they need and want, they will never get irate or complain. But what happens when they do? On April 26, the Turning Around Member Complaints Webinar (Session Code: 465) will deal with the process of “turning around” these members to turn negative situations into positive experiences.  This session is ideal for any employee interested in learning or improving how they deal with irate members or those that complain.

Looking ahead to next month, the Helping Members Improve Credit Scores telecourse on May 1 (Session Code: 468) will help participants read a credit report like a pro in order to help their members improve their credit scores.

Also next month, join us for the Safe Deposit Box - The Fundamentals, a special 90 Minute QuickBites on May 3 (Session Code: 469).  The safe deposit box operation is a unique, fast-changing service in the financial industry. It is the only product or service in which members of your staff do not know the value of a consumer’s assets. As a result, every vault transaction can lead to considerable liability. Effective procedures and sound daily practices can counteract and minimize this risk. This seminar covers the “nuts and bolts” and the recommended day-to-day operating procedures for your institution. This session will provide attendees with clear, concise answers to all the basic or complicated questions regarding your institution’s responsibility, liability and daily operating procedures. In addition, you will receive information about many current lawsuits and other nationwide horror stories.  What you will learn:

  • Obtain answers to these questions and more to establish your own internal procedures.
    • Why should renters be provided with a "No Insurance" disclosure form? 
    • Who should handle the renter’s key and container during a box access? 
    • What tools (purchased on EBAY) can open a renter’s safe deposit box? 
    • What ten items must be included in a "New Safe Deposit Renter’s Kit"? 
    •  What liability exists if access is allowed "before or after" lobby hours? 
    •  What five types of identification are needed on every new box rental? 
    •  Why must safe deposit keys be maintained under strict dual control? 
    •  What ten steps must be followed when granting access to a box? 
    •  What ten steps must be performed when a renter closes a box? 
    •  What are the four most important key control procedures? 
    •  What are the four different styles of box rental contracts?

Bank Secrecy Act training is available on demand!  The Bank Secrecy Act requires that all frontline personnel be trained on money laundering and the responsibilities of the financial institutions on currency reporting and suspicious activity every year. See the ICUL education calendar for the schedule of BSA on demand training and all QuickBites and Telecourses.


Also now available on demand for 2012: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Elder abuse training – regarding financial exploitation of the elderly -- is now required for employees and officers with direct customer contact. Examiners will be collecting information about your credit union’s training on this subject, as IDFPR is required to report training data on a bi-annual basis.  This QuickBite will meet the training requirements and will cover:

  • Terminology; 
  • Illinois statutory protections;
  • Recognizing the indicators of financial exploitation;
  • Some of the common perpetrators of financial exploitation; 
  • Financial record confidentiality and exceptions; 
  • Where to report when a confidentiality exception applies; 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports/narratives/confidentiality;  and
  • Training and record-keeping requirements for current employees and new hires.

All credit unions face situations where only they have an opportunity to witness suspected exploitation. Participate in this QuickBite to learn the common indicators and the actions you can take.


Play it again! The audio archive of all QuickBites and telecourses for 2012 has been increased to 60 days with paid registrations for most sessions. Whether you were unavailable for the scheduled date and time of a particular call or just want to hear the session again, you will have 24/7 access for the entire 60 days after the scheduled session. This feature enhances the value of audio training and is included for no additional charge. The audio archive link will be activated within 48 hours of the live event.


For a complete calendar of all Educational offerings, please click here.

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