ICUL Service Corporation

Eligibility Requirements for ICU Foundation Scholarships

1.      Applicant must be a director of, serving on a committee of, or employed by the same Illinois Credit Union League affiliated credit union listed on the application at the time the scholarship is used or the award will automatically be forfeited.

2.      Applicant must be an active participant in chapter activities.

3.      Application must be completed in full and received by March 31. After this date, applications may be considered if scholarship funds are available.

4.      Recipient's credit union will be reimbursed after course is successfully completed.

5.      Recipient must use scholarship during the year it is awarded and for the purpose stated on the application.

6.      The ranges of scholarship awards by category are: All CUNA Schools/Conferences - up to $2,500; all other sessions, up to $1,000.

7.      Recipients of CUNA Management School Scholarships will have their scholarships renewed provided they are a director of, serving on a committee of, or employed by the same credit union listed on the application and continue attending the school for up to three consecutive years.  Recipients who change credit unions or discontinue attendance at CUNA Management School must reapply for scholarship assistance.

8.      Special eligibility requirements may be separately set for certain discretionary fund scholarships.

9.    The maximum amount of scholarship funds allowed per credit union, per year is $3,000.

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