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ICU Foundation Perpetual Awards
Noni Dodge Memorial (2002)


As a true pioneer of New Trier Federal Credit Union, Noni Dodge was one of its founding members and served on its board of directors from 1975 until she passed away last year. Noni spent many days on the phone or directly involved in spreading the word about credit unions and their intrinsic value to the members of the community.

Noni never wavered in this philosophy and was a lifetime credit union cheerleader. She moved on from those founding days to work for decades with the present staff of the credit union, including Ed Uhrik and George Wagner.

She was active in the Northern Cook County Chapter of Credit Unions and many times assisted in legislative matters and political action activities.

Noni touched many in the credit union movement and will always be remembered. Her personal integrity, strong belief and commitment to service made Noni a role model for many of our up and coming leaders.

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