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ICU Foundation Perpetual Awards
Daniel D. Plauda Tribute (2005)


Dan Plauda began his career with the Illinois Credit Union League in May of 1977 as its first General Counsel.

Shortly after arriving, Dan participated in a major overhaul of the Illinois Credit Union Act. Many other significant issues followed, including the development of share drafts, the expansion of CUPAC, and the establishment of the Illinois Credit Union Foundation. In 1984 when League President Dick Ensweiler announced his resignation, Dan was elected to succeed him. Dan has also served as CEO of the League Service Corporation since 1984 and has overseen its tremendous growth.

Dan suffered a terrible blow during 2004 when he was diagnosed with a liver disease that necessitated a transplant. This tribute award was created as a way for board members and staff to show support for Dan during this trying time.

Much of the League’s and the Service Corp’s success today is attributed to Dan’s dedication and commitment to the credit union movement. His leadership style has created a dedicated and loyal staff willing to go the extra mile to ensure great products, cutting edge services and member satisfaction for Illinois credit unions. Dan is an inspiration to all of us.

Dan has recovered and is back at work helping credit unions. We hope this award will live on as a tribute to a man that has devoted much of his life to making things better for credit unions and their members.

This award was made possible by the thoughtful contributions of credit unions, League and Service Corp staff members, Board members, other individuals, and affiliated organizations who donated more than $6,000 to this fund.

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