ICUL Service Corporation

ICU Foundation Board and Staff


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Thomas Pierce, Midwest Operating Engineers CU

Michael Lee, Kane County Teachers CU

Tom Lex, Heartland CU

Board Members
Debbi Bitner, CEFCU
Peggy Cummins, Corporate America Family CU
Ann Dubie, NuMark CU
John Fiore, Motorola ECU
Janet Francoeur, Riverside Community CU
Greg Worthen, 1st MidAmerica CU

Fundraising Committee
John Fiore, Chair
Ann Dubie
Greg Worthen

Grants Committee
Mike Lee, Chair
Debbi Bitner
Tom Pierce

Investments Committee
Mike Lee, Chair
Tom Lex
Tom Pierce

Scholarship Committee
Tom Lex, Chair
Janet Francoeur
Peggy Cummins

Staff Members:
Vicki Ponzo, Executive Director
Melanie Murphy, Manager

Contact Melanie Murphy via email or call (800) 942-7124, extension 3414 if you have questions about the ICU Foundation and its activities.

Our Mission: To Serve You