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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Verlin "Vic" McCauley
Inducted 4/10

Vic McCauley has been a dedicated volunteer serving tirelessly on behalf of the credit union movement.  He is in his 30th year of service as a Board member of MembersAlliance Credit Union and is currently the Chairman.  He was a member of the Rockford Area Chapter board for many years holding various positions.

Vic also served the credit union movement throughout his tenure on the Illinois Credit Union League Board for 15 years.  While on the League Board he served for 15 years on the Annual Convention Committee and as Chairman of that committee in 2000 and 2005.  He also served on the Credit Union Support Group Committee and as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Board Restructuring in 1995.  Vic was also instrumental in developing policies and procedures that greatly affected the League and credit unions through his representation on the Executive Committee from 2000 to 2003 and from 2005 to 2007.

Vic was actively involved in his community and always promoted credit unions.  He was a representative for the United Way of Rock River Valley for 15 years.  Vic’s passion for credit unions and the common man was well known throughout his community and the chapter.  He could always be counted on to lend a hand when someone needed it.  Vic’s concern that everyone be treated fairly fit in well with the “people helping people” philosophy that is embedded into the credit union movement. 

Vic is a unique, one of a kind person whose service on behalf of credit unions will be sorely missed.

Vic is inducted into the Hall of Fame in recognition of his many years of dedicated service to the credit unions of Illinois, as demonstrated by his support and involvement in the on-going development and preservation of the Illinois Credit Union League, the Rockford Area Chapter, his community and MembersAlliance Credit Union.

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