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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Thomas Doig 
Inducted 4/96

Thomas Doig was one of the true pioneers in the credit union movement in this country. Doig helped many other leaders in Illinois to achieve extraordinary results for the advancement of credit unions. The Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame would not be complete without remembering the contributions of this great human being.

Doig was a postal employee in Minneapolis in 1923 when he first became involved with the movement. He played an integral part in organizing the Minneapolis Postal Employees Credit Union, the first credit union in Minnesota. Doig served as its first treasurer and manager.

In 1925 Doig had taken a leadership role in getting the credit union law passed in Minnesota. Later he was a catalyst for the inception and realization of the Minnesota Credit Union League, the first self-sustaining league in the United States.

Five years later, Doig became Roy Bergengren’s assistant in the Credit Union National Extension Bureau. He was hired specifically to help five states in the Midwest, including Illinois, organize more credit unions and state leagues. The Thomas W. Doig Chapter was so named in northern Illinois to commemorate Doig’s laudable efforts in this state.

Doig helped draft the CUNA Constitution. In 1935 he was named assistant managing director. A decade later he succeeded Bergengren as managing director until he retired shortly before his death.

Thomas Doig died on December 19, 1955 after a lengthy illness. He accomplished many things in his lifetime including the organization of over one thousand credit unions. During World War II he was an appointed advisor on consumer credit to the Federal Reserve Board.

Doig had worked his way through business school and served in the army during World War I. St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS gave him an honorary Doctor of Law Degree. We honor him today in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame as a true credit union pioneer.

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