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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Rose M. Nevener 
Inducted 4/99

Rose Nevener spent 51 years of her life serving the credit union movement. She began her credit union career in 1938 as manager of St. Mary’s Credit Union (later called Catholic and Community Credit Union). She remained with the credit union until her death in 1989. In addition to serving on the board of St. Mary’s, Rose also served as a director for Southern Illinois Directors Credit Union and Belleville Community Credit Union.

In addition to her duties as CEO and a credit union board member, Rose also served as a chapter volunteer for 20 years. She held a variety of chapter board positions and served as league director from the Southern Illinois Chapter from 1953 to 1973.

In her spare time, Rose helped organize at least three credit unions in the Southern Illinois Chapter: St. Mary’s, Belleville Community and Southern Illinois Area Credit Union. She gave up a promising law career to run the St. Mary’s parish credit union, devoting all of her time and energy to helping her members. She operated the credit union out of her home and from a card table at the back of the church. Rose organized the credit union with only $90. At the time of her death, the credit union had $8-million dollars in assets.

For half a century Rose Nevener devoted her life to the credit union movement as an employee, volunteer and friend. She was a unique human being with a burning passion for credit unions. And in the true spirit of "people helping people", Rose willed her body to medical science when she died in 1989

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