ICUL Service Corporation

Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Richard W. Boyle 
Inducted 4/96

Richard Boyle rightly deserves a place of honor as a pioneer in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame. Richard spent more than 30 years of his life guaranteeing a better quality of life to his fellow workers.

This was no easy task…he had no "special" office. What he had was much more important! Richard had pure dedication and a sense that what he did for the people he knew would make a difference in their daily lives.

Beginning in the early 1930’s and continuing until shortly before his death in the 1960’s, Boyle and his spouse Elizabeth (Bessie) opened their home to members. They took care of savings deposits, withdrawals and loan applications. Once a week, Bessie rode the streetcar uptown to invest the deposits and loan payments in a local bank. Everyone benefited by their special partnership!

Why would anyone open up a home to run a financial business? Clearly Richard Boyle recognized the need for helping his fellow workers. His vision led him to action during a time when the country was in serious financial condition.

As CEO of the Big Four Credit Union in Mattoon, the first credit union organized in the chapter, Boyle exemplified the philosophy of people helping people. We are pleased to honor the memory of this special person.

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