ICUL Service Corporation

Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Richard Ensweiler
Inducted 4/07

Richard Ensweiler has been involved with credit unions his entire adult life.  He began his career as a credit union teller.  Following graduation from college he quickly progressed to manager roles, including a manager trainee position at State Central Credit Union and then manager at Harley-Davidson Credit Union, both in Wisconsin.  Dick moved from credit unions to the League environment when he was hired as a field consultant at the Michigan League.

Dick then moved to the Minnesota League as CEO.  In 1974 he was hired as the Illinois Credit Union League’s president.  He was CEO of the Illinois League until 1984 when he left to become a Senior Vice President at CUNA Mutual.  In 1995 Dick left CUNA Mutual to become CEO of the Texas Credit Union League. Dick is still acting in that capacity and is a CUNA board member.  He also led CUNA as its Chair for two years and served as chairman of the Association of Credit Union League Executives.

As President of the Illinois League, Dick led the board in its first ever-strategic planning sessions.  Dick expanded the services of the League Service Corporation, started its collection agency and a marketing service.  He also hired the League’s first lobbyist, spearheaded the formation of CUPAC and the ICU Foundation and presided over a major rewrite of the Illinois Credit Union Act.  Dick was responsible for formalizing operations for the Legal & Technical Services and Human Resources Development.

Dick spent a great deal of his time as CEO of the Illinois Credit Union League building up relationships between credit unions and legislators through the Legislative Forum, League publications and the media. 

Dick also brought the principles of Management by Objective to the League, which increased staff accountability, personnel development, education and training programs and long range planning.

Dick had a hand in founding the Illinois Youth Involvement Council as a way to develop future leaders within the movement.

The League’s move from Bensenville to Oak Brook to provide more space was also orchestrated and presided over by Dick in response to the growth in services ands products offered by the League and Service Corporation.

During Dick’s tenure he was also responsible for the formation of Mid-States Corporate Federal Credit Union, now Members United Corporate FCU where he was a charter member in 1976.  In addition to serving as President of Mid-States Corporate Federal Credit Union, he also served as Chairman of U.S. Central Credit Union from 1982-1984. 

Dick changed the way the League operated, created new and exciting programs, added professional staff and ramped up services.  His decision to hire the first general counsel for the League also led to the appointment of its next CEO, Dan Plauda.  Dick’s dynamic personality and personal involvement with the Illinois credit union movement, League staff and board members, legislators and the national scene can be credited with bringing the League into the modern era of the credit union movement.


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