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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

R. Donald Wemhoener 
Inducted 4/96

Donald Wemhoener is a person whose daily life is devoted to helping others. He epitomizes the credit union philosophy of people helping people through his tireless efforts to make the lives of those he touches better.

Don has devoted a quarter of a century to the credit union movement and is rightly honored as an Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame Award recipient. He was manager and treasurer of the Moorman Employees Credit Union from 1955 to 1979. Wemhoener was a member of that board for 25 years.

Wemhoener served as president of the Quincy Chapter board in 1962 and 1963. He later served as its treasurer in 1969. He became a board member of the Quincy Chapter Credit Union in 1969.

In 1964 Wemhoener was elected to the Illinois Credit Union League board from the Quincy Chapter. He was on the league scholarship committee in 1967 and served as its chair from 1979 to 1980. Don was present at the signing of the Recodified Illinois Credit Union Act on August 30, 1979.

Don was a member of the Governor’s Board of Credit Union Advisors from 1973 to 1981. Wemhoener was on the Illinois Council of CUES, serving as president in 1968.

Wemhoener is well known and respected in the Quincy area. He is a lifelong member of the Lutheran church there. Don is an avid trout fisher. Wemhoener was involved in scouting and in 1959 was awarded the highest honor given to an adult, the Silver Bronze Award.

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