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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Penni Gebke
Inducted 4/11

Penni Gebke has been employed as a Regional Manager for the Illinois Credit Union League since 1983.  Throughout that time she has devoted her entire work career and a large part of her personal time to assisting credit unions and chapters to succeed.  Penni is not only a tireless worker attending credit union board meetings, conducting planning sessions, helping out at chapter fundraisers, golf outings and meetings, she is also a friend and leader.  Penni always goes the distance to help out her credit unions and chapters.  She is encouraging, helpful and provides knowledgeable advice on products, services, grants, scholarships and anything else one might need.

Penni has a larger than life personality that is reflected in all that she does.  She even started a credit union chapter of the Red Hat Ladies in the year 2000.  This group was named the “CU In Red” and only women involved in the credit union movement could participate.  As in everything Penni does, this club emphasized friendship, compassion, credit union philosophy and fun.

Penni has served as an inspiration to all in the credit union movement, but most especially to the women coming up in the movement.  From her days as a Youth Involvvemnt Rep, credit union CEO, chapter leader and League employee, Penni has seen and done it all and along the way has managed to share her wisdom, knowledge, friendship and joy of life with all those she has touched.

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