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Illinois Credit Union League Hall of Fame

Marion Gregory
Inducted 4/96

Marion Gregory and the credit union movement were synonymous for 53 years.  During those years, Gregory made many contributions at local, state and national levels.

In February of 1971 it was only natural that President Richard M. Nixon named Gregory to serve a six-year term on the NCUA board where he was vice chair.  Gregory summed up his philosophy and belief about the movement with this statement:  “The primary job of CUNA and the leagues is to build the credit union movement and to spread credit union services to those who want and need them.  Legislation is their second job.”

Gregory was the first league director from outside the Chicago area representing the East St. Louis Chapter.  He was the treasurer and manager of Arrow S Credit Union and the employee manager of Swift and Company National Stockyards Plant.  Gregory was an organizer and first president of the Southern Illinois Chapter from 1937 to 1938.  In 1944 he became chair of the Illinois Credit Union League, serving a three-year term.

From 1939 to 1953 Gregory served as a CUNA national director and was the chair during the last two years.  While he was chair, he met with Hough and Cooper, the state auditors, to discuss the possibility of FDIC insurance for credit unions.  Credit unions would use their own capital.  Gregory reported at the September executive committee meeting in 1952 that he thought it was possible to accomplish.  He felt it would be better to have credit unions control the fund, not the federal government.

The following year, Gregory was hired by Thomas W. Doig as the CUNA public relations director.  He was named the director of policy owner relations for CUNA Mutual in 1955.

Gregory retired in December of 1971 as senior vice president of CUNA Mutual Insurance Society.  At the age of 79, he died of cancer, a great loss to the credit union movement.  We honor his memory in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

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