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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

John W. Adams
Inducted 4/96

John Adams has been recognized on multiple occasions for his dedication and support of the uniqueness of credit unions. His career spans over 40 years of service to the Credit Union Movement. Today he joins those inducted into the first Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

John was honored on July 20, 1991 by the Illinois Credit Union League in recognition of his distinguished service to credit unions everywhere. In November of 1972 the Illinois Credit Union League’s board of directors resolved to "exhibit our support and confidence in the activities of John Adams on the national credit union scene by unanimously approving a Resolution of Commendation in recognition of his outstanding service."

John has long been associated with three powerful letters: EFT. As chair of the original CUNA funds transfer committee in February of 1974, John served as a catalyst for action. Where would credit unions be today without share drafts?

EFT became a credit union buzzword largely through his efforts. Adams chaired the EFT committee from 1974 to 1977. He developed materials utilized in seven national EFT seminars. His integral knowledge of credit union operations and EFT systems clearly made the difference in the success of these seminars.

When Adams organized the Butler Employees Credit Union in Galesburg in 1949, he could not have imagined where he might lead others throughout his exemplary career. John has held the position of treasurer and manager of the credit union he founded.

Adams had been the Galesburg Chapter’s league director until 1985. John served as a director of the Illinois Credit Union League for 23 years. He was a national director of CUNA from 1969 to 1985 and served as CUNA vice chair from 1970 to 1991.

As an individual with the distinction of being tough and thorough, it is no wonder that he has a reputation for getting things done. With his "can do" attitude he rightly takes his place in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame as one of the outstanding national leaders in the credit union movement.


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