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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Janice N. Dempsey 
Inducted 4/96

Janice Dempsey is a true pioneer in the credit union movement. Clearly, the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame is fortunate to have her among its first entrants.

Frequently, Janice is touted as the first woman to hold the post of chair of the Illinois Credit Union League in 58 years. She was the first person in Illinois to receive the Certified Credit Union Executive designation. This remarkable individual has earned her place among those who have inspired legions in the credit union movement. Dempsey’s accomplishments did not begin or end there.

Notably, Dempsey began her involvement with credit unions in 1961 as a part-time volunteer in the credit union office. From 1964 to 1969 she was the treasurer and manager of Broadview Harvester Federal Credit Union. Janice then became chief executive officer of Dynamic Credit Union, where she still leads others today.

Since the sixties, Janice has been active in chapter activities serving as secretary, chair, policy owner representative and league director. Dempsey was honored in 1988 as the Illinois Council and Credit Union Executive Society Executive of the Year.

Janice has also spent many long hours in night school because she valued a formal education. She graduated from CUNA School, attended the College of DuPage and the Keller Graduate School of Management. Dempsey realized her goal in 1989 when she received a BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences from the National College of Education.

Dempsey’s involvement in credit unions has been so extensive that a separate volume might not cover every benchmark. She has served on many committees at the state and national level. Since 1987, Janice has been a CUNA national director. She also served on the executive committee of the Illinois Credit Union League and as a director at Mid-States Corporate Federal Credit Union.

Those outside the credit union movement also recognize her zeal. Janice is active in her local chamber of commerce. During her tenure as league chair, she completed the famous Bicycle Across the Magnificent Miles of Illinois ride. Her zest for life is apparent to all who have the pleasure of knowing and working with her.

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