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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

James M. Bright
Inducted 4/09

Jim Bright served as CEO of Scott Credit Union from 1983 until his untimely death in 2005.  For all those who knew Jim, his passing came way too soon.  His leadership of Scott Credit Union for over two decades was greatly admired and appreciated by his peers, community leaders, staff and members.  His attention to detail was legendary – he was an extraordinary problem solver.  He left a solid career in the banking industry to take over a small credit union located on Scott Air Force base.  At that time, Scott had two offices and less than $50 million in assets.  Under his leadership and vision, the credit union grew to nine offices ands over $355 million in assets.

Jim Bright also whole heartedly supported the U.S. military.  He was involved with the James S. McDonnell USO Board of Directors, the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois Board of Directors, the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois Military Affairs Committee, the Defense Credit Union Council where he served a term as Chairman, the Midwest Defense Credit Union Sub council, again serving a term as Chairman.

Jim lent his considerable talents and leadership skills to the credit union movement through various organizations such as Chairman of the Southern Illinois Chapter, President of the St. Louis Credit Union Management Association and Chairman of the Credit Committee for Members United Corporae Federal Credit Union.

In addition, was actively involved in legislative issues facing credit unions and was an active advocate of the Credit Union {Political Action Council.  In 1992 he was named the Credit Union Executive of the Year by the Illinois Council of Credit Union Executive Society.  He also was honored by his staff, peers and community organizations with an ICU Foundation commemorative scholarship in his name.

Jim has left a lasting legacy of commitment to the credit union movement and his memory will live forever.



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