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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Harry O. Perlee 
Inducted 4/96

Harry O. Perlee was a member of four credit unions in his lifetime. These were the Rockford Postal Credit Union, the Rockford Federation of Labor Credit Union, the ICUL Credit Union and the Rockford Municipal Employees Credit Union.

He was also a member of both the AFL labor union and the National Federation of Post Office Clerks labor union. Perlee was a labor leader in the Rockford area.

Perlee was one of the founders of the Rockford Postal Credit Union in 1927, becoming the seventeenth credit union in Illinois. He also helped establish the Perlee Chapter named in his honor.

Others in the movement considered Perlee a brilliant person with true organizational expertise. He was an individual with many abilities. Perlee had great people skills, coupled with principles of conduct and courage. On January 29, 1950 Perlee was the only dissenter on a motion for the managing director to select his own assistant without board approval.

Perlee was a delegate to the organizational meeting for the Illinois League in 1930. He served as league director from the Rock River Valley Chapter (now Harry O. Perlee Chapter) from 1933 until his death. He died in 1960 in Rockford at the age of 73 after a long illness.

We honor the memory of Harry O. Perlee in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame. Many in the Rockford area are still inspired by his reputation to continue spreading the credit union spirit today.

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