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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Robert H. Albrecht 
Inducted 4/96

After spending more than a half of a century dedicating himself to the credit union movement, Robert Albrecht rightly holds a hallowed place in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame. His keen volunteer spirit has truly driven Robert to do great things for credit unions, his hometown, his church and his company.

Always an integral member of the Sherwin Williams Employees Credit Union of South Holland, Albrecht served on the board of directors for 52 years. There he chaired the finance committee for 33 years, provided his help to both the insurance and building committees and held the offices of president and treasurer.

For over a quarter of a century Robert held the title of governor of the Southeast Chapter, winning the Illinois Credit Union League Merit Award in 1981. He helped found two credit unions, Ford Motor and Rock River Conference. Albrecht was also the financial advisor to the IHB Riverdale Credit Union.

Albrecht, who is active in both civic and church affairs, is a leader in every aspect of his life. As part of his dedication to his country, he was an election judge. He got 96% of the voters in his Harvey precinct to vote. Robert served as treasurer for the Thornton Township Historical Society and actively participated in the church-sponsored Joliet Prisoner Release Program.

In his church, Robert is active in the Christian Marriage Ministry of Greater Chicago, has served as a delegate to the General Conference and convinced members to self-fund the construction of four churches. He is also a bible class leader and chaired the Endowment Fund for 14 years, which more than doubled the funds initially invested.

We honor Robert Albrecht. He was born to Ohio farmers and stayed involved in the family farm throughout his other activities. Albrecht graduated cum laude with a BA from North Central College and a BS in Chemistry from North Dakota State University. He worked tirelessly during his career with the Sherwin Williams Company for nearly 46 years. We appreciate your lifelong zest and continuous efforts to increase credit unions in Illinois.

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