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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Glen Pickens 
Inducted 4/96

Glen Pickens will long be remembered for his efforts to chronicle the first 50 years of credit union history in Illinois. His death in 1992 left a void in the credit union movement.

Pickens was the chief executive officer and treasurer of the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union from 1948 until his retirement in 1983. He had spent nearly four decades serving members of his credit union.

Glen helped organize the John L. Kelly Chapter, in which he was a charter member and past-president. At the state level, Pickens served as a director of the Illinois Credit Union League. He held the leadership position of president from 1961 to 1963.

Pickens was a CUNA director for thirteen years. He holds the distinction of being a member of the first advisory board to the Department of Financial Institutions.

Glen Pickens is a person who was involved at the local, state and national levels within the credit union movement. We honor his memory and work as he is inducted into the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

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