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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

George J. Tinnes 
Inducted 4/96

George Tinnes spent nearly four decades supporting the credit union movement as both a volunteer and employee. His service is remembered today as we memorialize him in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame. He was a contemporary of Willard King and worked with legislators in Springfield on behalf of credit unions.

Tinnes was also employed as an accountant by the Chicago & North Western Railway. At the end of 1928, he helped form the employee credit union and became its first secretary. Later he became its treasurer and manager, while retaining his regular job at the railroad.

In 1932 Tinnes was elected to the Illinois Credit Union League board. He served on the executive committee. In April of the following year, he became the first vice chair of the newly formed Northern Illinois Chapter of Credit Unions.

Then in June of 1941, George was recruited by DeRamus as a field representative for northern Illinois. It was a pivotal decision for a conservative human being. Tinnes opted for the riskier league over the secure railroad career.

In 1958 Tinnes was promoted to director of field services. He reorganized the territories and responsibilities. He served in this capacity until his retirement. Tinnes remained a consultant to the league up until his death.

Tinnes is well remembered for the many interesting educational sessions he organized at the Sherman Hotel. Standing-room-only sessions served as a tribute to his ability to make the topic of supervision come to life. Tinnes was an outstanding teacher and facilitator.

With Chuck Schumacher, Tinnes worked closely with the Chicago Mayor’s Commission for New Residents to establish the first credit union for Chicago Housing Authority tenants. The Rockwell Gardens-Maplewood Court Credit Union was issued its charter by the DFI on October 25, 1962.

The Blackhawk Chapter changed its name to the George J. Tinnes Chapter in 1967. Tinnes took many courageous steps serving Illinois credit unions during his lifetime.

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