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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Erma M. Petroski 
Inducted 4/96

It is hard to imagine that Erma Petroski is a part of the credit union movement for 28 years already. When you get a glimpse of her, she is always on the run! It’s always a new adventure when you try to keep up with Erma.

Petroski is known by both state and national lawmakers as a strong proponent for credit unions. Springfield and Washington DC legislators know that Erma represents a cause she believes in earnestly. This is why she was such an effective member and director of CUPAC, serving for over a decade.

Erma has the distinction of winning the Eagle Award of the Egyptian Chapter on four occasions. She has been an active board member since 1972.

Petroski began as a bookkeeper at the Southern Illinois Schools Credit Union in 1972. In 1975 she was promoted to president and treasurer. Then, in 1989, she became the treasurer, board member and legislative representative of the Vienna Correctional Center Credit Union.

For over a quarter of a century, Petroski served on the board of the Illinois Credit Union League. She served on the executive committee, the finance committee, the annual convention committee, the legislative committee and the credit union support group committee. In 1983 she was the treasurer of the ICUL Service Corp.

On the national front, she was part of the 1991 grassroots movement in Washington DC to preserve credit unions. Petroski has given more than a dozen years of service to CUNA as a national director.

Closer to home, Petroski is a recent volunteer and board member of the Williamson Country Catholic Credit Union. She also works with the Carbondale Highway Credit Union.

Petroski’s dynamism makes for a formidable force for credit unions in Illinois. We applaud her gusto and honor her spirit in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

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