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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Dave Walker 
Inducted 4/08

Dave Walker was with Decatur Earthmover Credit Union for 27 years.  Under his leadership the Decatur Caterpillar Employees Credit Union grew from a function of Caterpillar’s accounting department to an over  $200 million full service financial institution with more than 26,000 members.  And during that time the credit union made a lasting impact on the community.

Dave’s leadership style is one of quiet strength.  Shunning the spotlight for himself, he encourages and supports staff to step up and become involved in making the credit union the best it can be for members and for the community.  From serving on the Chapter board, a community organization or a state agency, Dave backs his employees 100%. 

Dave leads by example and encourages a “be the best you can be” mentality.  In 2007 the credit union provided 600 volunteer hours to the community.  The credit union allowed 12 hours per employee of work time to help accomplish this goal. 

Dave has served on the board of the Northwest Baseball/Softball Association and is currently an Easter Seals board member.  He also delivers meals on wheels, participates in local food drives, donates blood and serves dinners at local shelters.

Although Dave is a behind the scenes kind of guy, he is well known as the face of the credit union.  He is well known throughout the community and a trip to the mall can result in numerous finance related questions from members.

Dave’s own commitment to the credit union and the community has inspired his staff to give of themselves as well.  Employees currently serve as Big Brothers, scout leaders, fundraisers, Junior Achievement teachers, room mothers and a host of other community related activities.

Dave is a leader in many ways.  He has grown his credit to a position of strength financially.  Decatur Earthmover Credit Union is considered one of the leading credit unions in Illinois.  In addition, his “people helping philosophy is personified in his strong support of staff and community.

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