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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame


Daniel Plauda 
Inducted 4/2014

Dan Plauda began his career at the Illinois Credit Union League in 1977 when he was hired by Dick Ensweiler to be its first ever General Counsel.  At that time things were rapidly changing in the credit union movement with the advent of share drafts, Truth in Lending, and an explosion of technological advances. 

One of Dan’s first, and most important, accomplishments was the drafting and passage of the recodification of the Illinois Credit Union Act in 1979.  This piece of legislation took two years to develop, fine tune, get passed by the Illinois Legislature and signed into law by Governor Jim Thompson.  This major overhaul of the Illinois Credit Union Act ushered in a new era of services the credit union movement could provide to its members.  It has provided the framework for legislation benefitting credit unions in Illinois.

Dan was also instrumental in the expansion of the Credit Union Political Action Council through fundraising activities and events.  Under his leadership it grew from a $5000 per year PAC to what it is today - one of the most effective political action groups in the State of Illinois, raising more than $342,000 in 2013.

In 1978, recognizing a need for monetary assistance to credit unions for education and products, Dan formed the Illinois Credit Union Foundation, establishing it as a 501(3) charitable organization to benefit the needs of small credit unions throughout the state.  As of 2013 the Foundation had disbursed more than $3.5 million in grants and scholarships to Illinois credit unions.

Other programs Dan initiated included the annual Credit Union Attorneys’ Conference, the Small Asset Size Conference and the Springfield governmental affairs conference.

Throughout his service to the credit unions in Illinois, Dan has expanded League and LSC products and services.  The Illinois League is one of the most respected and successful in the country and the LSC currently serves credit unions in all 50 states with its wide array of card products.

Dan became League and LSC CEO in 1984 becoming only the fourth person to serve in that position since the League’s inception in 1930.  As one of the longest serving CEOs in the country, he has also served on multiple national organization committees, including AACUL and CUNA.

As CEO, Dan oversaw the League’s participation in CUNA’s 1989 “Operation Grassroots” program which had more than 330 Illinois credit union members in attendance, the move of League offices from Oak Brook to Naperville in 1990 and a variety of departmental and staff reorganizations to make services more effective and efficient.  Dan expanded and restructured the Governmental Affairs Department and opened a branch office in Springfield to better communicate the needs of credit unions to lawmakers.

He also led the LSC in becoming a national brand that provides high quality, low cost products to credit unions of all sizes.

From General Counsel to CEO, Dan has provided the leadership and skills necessary to make the Illinois League and LSC able to assist the credit unions of Illinois to grow and prosper.

Dan Plauda has dedicated 37 years of his life to the credit union movement and remains a respected leader throughout the nation and the State of Illinois.  He has devoted his time to improving the services of the League, expanding the quality and number of products offered by LSC and motivating his staff to excel.  Dan is a real life example of someone who has given his all, and by doing so, has achieved what he sought – a positive future for the credit unions of Illinois.

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