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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Chester F. Urban 
Inducted 4/96

Fifty years of service to the credit union movement is a remarkable achievement by a visionary, Chester F. Urban. We are proud to honor him in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

Urban has served credit unions as a leader at local, state and national levels. Chet started out as volunteer treasurer in the Illinois Zinc Employees Federal Credit Union in 1946 and helped make it fiscally sound. During those years, he also held the public office of city council member in Peru.

As a credit union officer, he regularly attended the Tri County Chapter meetings and held every chapter office. Chet stated that "Back then, if you didn’t go to the chapter meeting, you didn’t know what was going on."

In 1963 Urban became the first professional treasurer and manager of Illiana Federal Credit Union. He opened its first small office. Two years later, Urban left the credit union to join the Illinois Credit Union League as a field representative.

While at the league, he moderated the credit union planning sessions. Chet also assisted many credit unions by helping them improve their financial picture. He helped reorganize the field as assistant managing director. Chet was promoted to the position of vice president of Credit Union Development at the Illinois Credit Union League in 1974.

Then in 1983, Chet retired from the league and returned to his first credit union love, Illiana Federal Credit Union, as SEG director. He added over three-hundred small companies servicing the new members day or night.

Urban was a representative to the World Council of Credit Unions. In this capacity, he was assigned to Bermuda to facilitate financial improvement in credit unions that were insolvent there.

Chet Urban is an advisor and a friend to many in the credit union movement. And he has made many friends for the movement in local and national government. He is a wonderful example of people helping people, both at home and abroad.

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