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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Ann Whan 
Inducted 4/96

People helping people describes Ann Whan perfectly! Whan has spent the past 36 years devoting her life to others through the credit union movement she so strongly supports.

Whan founded the St. Francis Hospital Employees Credit Union in 1955, serving on the board from its inception until 1991. She served as president from 1963 to 1980. Ann held these voluntary positions while she was the associate director of personnel at St. Francis Medical Center.

With a strong commitment to the credit union movement, it was natural for Ann to become active in the Peoria Chapter. There she served on the board and became its first female president in 1970, a remarkable achievement at that time.

Whan has always been active in her profession and her community. She served on the Red Cross Peoria Chapter board, handling volunteer and blood services for them. She had pioneered the formation of the Hospital Personnel Management Association, a national organization for personnel directors.

Since her retirement, Whan volunteers on two condominium boards. She is a dedicated volunteer at school as a storyteller, at the library, at local hospitals and at church in various ministries. Whan is currently a starter at a country club golf course.

Ann has spent her life helping people in all of her activities. We applaud Whan’s efforts in the Peoria area as a veritable leader in the movement. She truly belongs in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

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