ICUL Service Corporation

Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Alvin P. Liesse 
Inducted 4/96

Even after his retirement from the Illinois Credit Union League, Al Liesse is still involved at McHenry County Schools Federal Credit Union serving members on the supervisory committee. Liesse has already spent nearly 50 years promoting the benefits of credit union membership.

Al joined the league in 1960 as a field representative and in 1975 he was named development coordinator. Al retired in 1981 as vice president of the Illinois Credit Union League and manager of the ICUL Service Corp.

Liesse was active in the credit union movement since 1946. As a volunteer, Al was a catalyst for the creation of many new credit unions. Liesse held many offices in the Tri County Chapter, including president in 1951.

Al served as a league director for nine years with the distinction of being the first league director from the Tri County Chapter. During the early years, he was a member of the legislative committee, the by-laws' committee and general chair of the annual meeting.

Liesse was treasurer of the Illinois Zinc Company Employees Federal Credit Union for fourteen years. For six years, Al was president of St. Mary’s Parish Credit Union in Peru. This was one of the many credit unions he helped organize. Al was also president of the Tri County Chapter Credit Union for four years. All of these voluntary offices were attained in his early days in The Credit Union Movement.

Al received a BS in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana. He served in the United States Naval Reserve at the end of World War II.

One of Al’s greatest legacies is his dedication to raising money for the ICU Foundation. He has done this zealously by organizing, planning and promoting the Fox Valley Chapter’s Vern Hajeck Memorial Golf Outing. His constant dedication to the movement has earned Alvin P. Liesse a prominent position in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

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