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Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame

Alice L. Newquist 
Inducted 4/96

Alice L. Newquist gave nearly 40 years of her time and effort to support the goal of advancing the credit union movement prior to her death. In 1983 she retired from the Sacred Heart Credit Union as president and manager after twenty years of dedicated service. Her leadership role has gained her a place in the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame.

Newquist was very active in the Sangamon Valley Chapter of Credit Unions. She held the position of president from 1986 to 1988. Other positions included the vice presidency.

Alice originated the Sangamon Valley Chapter of Credit Unions Golf Outing, which has since been named in her honor. This is just one notable example of Alice’s involvement in chapter activities. She has held varied positions on the board.

In addition to her credit union activities, Newquist has been a member of St. Aloysius Parish and St. Aloysius Altar Society. She has been a board member of the St. John Vianney Villa Retirement Center.

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