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How can I support CUPAC?

Your contribution is an investment in the future. Individuals, state-chartered credit unions, and chapters may contribute to CUPAC. While federally-chartered credit unions are prohibited by law from making contributions to political action committees, their employees, volunteers and members face no such restriction. Fundraising programs include:

Individual Memberships

Individual annual membership - $150
Annual Spousal Membership - $200
Individual Ambassador - $250
Spousal Ambassador - $300
Golden Ambassador - $500

Individual Annual Membership - $40

Honor Roll Program
Credit unions and chapters achieve Honor Roll Status when all members of the board and president enroll as members of CUPAC. The memberships may be any combination of Advocates and Associates, as long as there is at least one Advocate.

Member Program: Deduct-a-buck
This program focuses on raising funds directly from members by requesting contributions either in newsletters or statement stuffers and requesting permission to access their accounts directly for the agreed upon amount.

Payroll Deduction
Employees and volunteers may use payroll deduction to automatically pay Advocate memberships. The credit union sends one check payable to CUPAC for all participants.

Corporate Memberships
The annual corporate contribution program begins July 1 of each year. Giving levels are as follows:

CUPAC Donor (Up to $749)
Corporate Sponsor ($750 - $1499)
Capitol Club ($1,500 - $2,499)
Capitol Gold Club ($2,500 - $4,999)
Capitol Platinum Club ($5,000 - $9,999)
Capitol Titanium Club ($10,000 - $14,999)
Capitol Diamond Club ($15,000 and up)

Chapter Competition
Each year, chapter presidents will receive a pledge form requesting them to pledge an amount they reasonably expect the chapter to raise for CUPAC during the year. Chapters will not be responsible for pledge amounts not raised. The top three fundraising chapters will be honored each year at the Chapter Leaders Conference.

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