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Your League works hard to provide the resources credit unions need to survive and prosper.  Dues dollars support its core service areas of Information, Legislation and Education, as well as the development of new products and services.  League membership also links credit unions to a huge network of additional resources.  Please use as many as you can, as often as you can.

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Small CU Programs

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Credit Union Political Action Council (CUPAC)

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Illinois Youth Involvement Council (IYIC)

CU Reach - Illinois Credit Union Young Professionals

REAL Solutions

Tax Outreach Initiative

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Annual Schedule of Education Conferences, Teleconferences, Quick Bites and Webinars

CUNA Certificate Program Information (MERIT, STAR, VAP, VLP)

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Governmental Affairs

Find and write to your Illinois Legislator

Federal Grassroots Action Center/Write to your Federal legislator

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CUNA GAC 2014 Evaluation Survey

Congressional Contact Form 

Sample Thank You Letter for Legislators 

Communications and Regulatory Affairs

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FoolProof Financial Education

Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame background and list of inductees

Invest In America Program

Programs available via the Illinois State Treasurer's Office

RateWatch rate map by county for Illinois credit unions

Serving the Hispanic Market Resources

Credit Union Partner Programs

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Credit Union Village

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